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Vintage planes, pre 1976, are hereby invited to participate in this year’s Aerodrome at TimeWinder Nostalgi Days during Pentecost weekend the 8th 9th and 10th of June, 2019. 

What is TimeWinder Nostalgia Days?
An all-around nostalgia and mechanics event for exhibitors and the public with a focus on the active exhibition of 100 years of mechanical history from the years 1875-1975, spiced up with other nostal-gia experiences such as live music from the period, lifestyle, markets, and exhibits. 

TimeWinder Nostalgia Days  is held every year during the Pentecost holiday at Grønnessegaard estate in Frederiksværk, Denmark where the beautiful surrounding nature sets the scene for the 3-day rally. With the use of the estate’s private 600 meter grass runway, the opportunity to involve vintage fliers has opened up via the TimeWinder ”Aerodrome”.

Around 15.000 guests are expected over the 3-day holiday. 

Request about participating with your aircraft


Great efforts are being made to create a time-consuming nostalgic environment around the aerodrome. Several of the pilots on the old planes wear suits and equipment from then on, so the illusion of being back in time is completed. Former Flyvestation Værløse's Emergency Response Society, with a complete setup of both fire and rescue vehicles and equipment suitable for an aerodrome / Aerodrome :-)

New in 2019: Vintage AIRRACE Experience.

Vintage aircraft from before 1976 are invited to participate in Denmark's first Vintage Air Race Experience! An air race for everyone - here you race for the honor, pleasure and to give the audience a unique experience.

Goal: The winner of Vintage Air Race is the pilot that completes the race track in the shortest time. There is flying on time and the timing begins with brake release and stops when the aircraft stays completely still. Two pylons with 700 m intervals are set up, both of which must be rounded.

Enter in your registration if you would like to race.  Vintage Air Race

Terms of conditions for veteran planes:

Who can participate?

People who are flight-enthusiats and maintain or preserve vetaran planes.

What is expected of participants at TimeWinder Aerodrome ?

  • The wish to and love of showcasing for a curious and diverse audience.
  • Active showcasing of the plane in the air 2-3 times daily on the days you’re exhibiting.
  • Being nearby the plane at pre-planned times to answer questions from guests, preferably in ’pilot’s’ clothes appropriate to the era the plane is from.
  • Be a part of the community that turns TimeWinder into an incredible experience for both exhibitors and guests.

What can TimeWinder Nostalgia Days offer?

  • A unique immersive experience with mechanics and nostalgia from several deccades and the opportunity to meet and network with likeminded enthusiasts from all over Europe.
  • Free entry to the ENTIRE rally for the pilot and flight-crew.
  • Proper conditions for flight safety both in the air and on the ground.
  • Good parking conditions for planes.
  • The coverage of fuel costs of up to 100 LL on-side. The fuel is sponsored by Shell Aviation which is good to keep in mind when fueling other places.

Help with overnighting facilities for pilots who participate all three days. Send your request

In case of an approved request for participation in the Aerodrome, the possibility of registering for "TimeWinder Air Race Experience" is opened.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your plane at TimeWinder Nolstalgia Days – by land sea and air.

Terms of conditions as flying guest

What should I be aware of as a flying guest to Timewinder:

  • It is only allowed to participate and land by agreement (PPR) with the air traffic control at the meeting.
  • There will be issued "slot times" for arrival and departure by arrangement.
  • It will be possible to park the aircraft in the days before the meeting.
  • There is parking for 25 aircraft and the PPR is given according to the "first come, first served" principle.
  • Pilot and flyer participate free of charge - any passengers pay regular entrance fee. Discount for registration for all three days. Landing fee and parking is INCLUDED in the ticket price.
  • It is not allowed to fly over the timber site below 2000 ft. without two-way radio contact with TimeWinder Info.
  • Current information on the aerodrome and link to NOTAM will be available at Timewinder.dk up to the meeting

Information: Kasper Roland by mail: kr@timewinder.dk 

Landing's permission (PPR) is obtained from Kasper Roland. 

We look forward to seeing you and your airplane on Timewinder

Check out the runway in this movie:

Take a visit to the Aerodrome at TimeWinder 2018