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Who are we?

TimeWinder is an all new nostalgia festival in Hundested

At TimeWinder, we wind back the clock over the Pentecost holiday every year, hosting veteran enthusiasts and nostalgics alike.

The event creates a yearly time-warp, where the passion for old machines, vehicles and mechanics, as well as clothes-, music-, carnival-, military-history and more all come together. The TimeWinder team takes pride in supporting the conveying of living history.

The event takes place in beautiful vicinity of Grønnessegaard Gods, overlooking the Roskilde Fjord, and has a private landing strip for aircraft.

This means that veteran-vehicles from land, sea and air all have the opportunity to participate :-)

Behind TimeWinder is a group of passionate enthusiasts, who with broad local and regional support seek to transform their fascination with mechanics and history into a festive experience that recognizes the period's importance to today's society and can appeal to everyone.