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Experience mechanics from times gone by: 

Go to North Zealand during Pentecost

 A unique and exciting experience for the whole family! - husbands, wives, children, and grandparents...

The enthusiast’s paradise

Groennessegaard Gods in Hundested offers the venue for a nostalgia festival with international dimensions over the Pentecost holiday – a number of the original forces behind the famous "Graested Veterantraef" are behind it.

Here, your whole family can experience a world of nostalgia, including a large number of veteran-machines, who’s equals cannot be found other places in Scandinavia. 

Dedicated enthusiasts, museums and collectors start up their mechanical treasures to showcase them "in action" for the public.

Experience the olden days – live

Rows of veteran cars and tractors. Motorcycles and mopeds, old craftsmanship, busses and trucks, all spiced up with a true market-atmosphere and an nostalgic amusement park, where only the prizes have moved with the times!

Flea- and Spare Parts Markets

If you hankering to explore the big flea market at the festival,  your time can be easily spent here, or if you’re a mechanics-enthusiast with machines standing idle at home, there is a great opportunity to obtain gadgets and gizmos for their restoration at North Zealand’s Spare Parts Market, which also has its place at the festival.