TimeWinder nostalgia festival - also for handicapped guests

Everyone is welcome at TimeWinder, with or without a handicap. 

The festival area is a slightly inclined pasture, and is not yet 100% flat as we're striving for over the course of a few years. There are solid gravel roads built into the terrain which can easily be used by wheelchairs etc. In dry weather, there shouldn’t be any problem travelling within the festival area either.

Handicap attendant

The handicapped person pays the regular ticket price, but has the option to take their attendant with them on the same ticket, with the showing of an attendant-card. Read more about attendant-cards here: www.handicap.dk/brugerservice/ledsagekort/ (only available in Danish).


There is a specially marked handicap and physically disabled parking area. The parking attendant can show you where it is.

(Please note that the area can be filled)

Handicap aid

Vehicles of a more recent date are not allowed in the TimeWinder Square during business hours. Exceptions include disability aids such as electric crosser/scooter or the like. (Must be equipped with handicap icon issued by the Disability Organization Service): www.handicap.dk/brugerservice/ (Danish only).


There are three handicap toilets on-site. Find them on the TimeWinder map in the distributed program.

You are always welcome to ask TimeWinder’s volunteers for help with finding things.