Information for vendors

Welcome to the marketplace on TimeWinder. We expect to attract between 10.000-12.000 shoppers to your stand over three days. TimeWinder has an ambition to be among Scandinavia's largest mechanical engineering events.

All pitches have access to 230 volts, 10 A, which is included in the price. (Bring your own connection cable)


The stands are 3 meters wide and 7 meters deep

Prices: A standard stall is 3 m facade and 3 m deep + another 4 meter 'backyard' for car / trailer or other. Price DKR 1000, -

TimeWinder offers stalls in tents with 3-4 stalls in each tent. Open façade next to traffic lanes with covered walkway for your customers. Price: Standard Dkr. 1000 + tent  Dkr. 1.500 (+ floor Dkr. 500, -)

Stall in a tent, 3x3m: DKR 2,500, -

Stall in a tent with floor, 3x3m: DKR 3,000, -

Included in the price are two full-festival passes and morning coffee + rolls Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the auxiliary tent. Advance booking necessary. 

The Market, as the rest of TimeWinder, takes place outside. 

Setting-up of stalls can started from Thursday Aug 6th 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Friday Aug 7th from 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. 

Cars and trailers that cannot be parked at the stall must be parked outside of the festival area at the latest 1 hour before the official opening hour. Please refer to the public parking area.

Driving in the festival area is not allowed during the opening hours of the festival unless a prior agreement has been made and the vehicle is equipped with an authorization that is visibly displayed in the windshield. In extraordinary situations, the team leader can always be contacted for guidance.

The market is for lifestyle, crafts, vintage-, antique-, design and uniques as well as foodspecialties *

* Food packaged for homeuse may be sold. Samples for tasting can be given. If you want to sell candy, ice cream, or food of any kind, please contact TimeWinder by e-mail at: or by telephone: 0045 20241240.

Book market stall

Book stand / Book market stall

Book stand / Book market stall
Book de stader du ønsker:

3x3m salgsstade: kr. 1.000,-
3x3m salgstade i telt (Telte kan indeholde 3-4 stader): kr. 2.500,-
Gulv til 3 x 3 meter stade i telt: kr. 500,-

Alle stader har tilhørende 'baggård' med plads til din bil/trailer eller andet. Forvent ca. 3x4 m 'baggård' til dit stade.