Vintage Landracing Experience at TimeWinder nostalgia days

Vintage Landracing Experience at TimeWinder nostalgia days is for all the nostalgics that have fuel in their blood and a desire tear across the rally grounds behind a steeringwheel. The goal is "live" to show fragments from street race history as a tribute to the people, vehicles and lifestyle that raced in the eary days of the automobile. At TimeWinder Land Race Experience, the goal is not only to win honor and glory but to be a part of the history.

Vintage Landracing Experience is for those who take pride in going back to the roots of the mechanics. So you are hereby invited to participate in three days of nostalgia celebration where everything revolves around mechanics and nostalgia from before 1976. Be a part of making race-pioneering history come to life on dirt sand racetracks. 

Everyone is welcome, but the participation in the Landracing Experience requires vehicles from before 1947!

The vehicle has to be preWW2 and appearance, main parts and engine parts must be pre 1947. Clothes must be accurate to the time period.

2 categories: car or motorcycle – 25 contestants in each with required registration. Signup before May 7th 2020

Registration will be for two or three days. A valid license is required. Race licenses can be purchased on site. Need more informations - please contact us. 

As a participant, you get a party card for TimeWinder for up to three people (Your crew)

You can look forward to 3 days loaded with experiences, togetherness, and not to forget super retro live music 

There are two campsites in the area. One for 100% nostalgics with campers or tents from before 1976 in the exhibition area and one for everything else slightly further away from the site.  Camping 


TimeWinder Vintage Landracing Experience